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When I work for my chamber in London, I have to use various financial advisors very often. This is because our clients come from various parts of the world. Our clients regularly need the services of financial experts in the areas of banking, insurance and other related financial matters. I have browsing the internet every minute to find suitable financial experts to cater to our clients. However, in the past I had to spend a lot of time to find the right advisor.

When I search for the financial experts, I came to know RIGHT BETA, which has all the RIGHT information I need as the legal secretary to the chamber. At a touch of a button, it details all the finance related businesses/firms in the UK and even the UK map has made my life so much easier because it enables me to find the experts according to the UK post code. This has been appreciated by our clients as well purely because of the fact that it reduces their cost of services. They do not require to go or travel to a distant place as post code search is so much easier.
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